Welcome to The Good Clinic

Wouldn’t it be nice to welcome your clients to an inviting space with everything from essential oils in the welcome area to custom chairs in the consultation rooms?

The Good Clinic is not a typical primary care clinic. As an independent, whole-person care provider, our main goal is to keep people well. During our personalized wellness visits, you’ll choose the length of time needed with the client and customize care plan based on the Patient Activation Measure (PAM). You love learning new things and will be trained on nutrition and supplements and the benefits to your clients.

Working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary health team, you’ll assess, diagnose, treat, manage, and provide education for clients. There is no requirement for how many clients our providers see in a day; you determine how much time is spent for each appointment type. Your opinion and ideas are valued and could be used when building future locations throughout the country.

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