A Medicare preventive services benefit.

Have you had Medicare Part B medical insurance for more than 12 months? If so, you can have a personalized prevention plan called a “Medicare Wellness Exam” once every 12 months. This is not a mandatory exam and does not replace a comprehensive annual physical exam.

What is a Medicare Wellness exam?

As the name states, this is an exam designed to help Medicare beneficiaries maximize their current health and reduce the risk of disease and disability. The purpose of this exam, whether it’s your first one (a Welcome to Medicare Exam) or your fifth one (a Medicare Wellness Exam), is to thoughtfully review any current chronic conditions you may have and the other non-medical factors that can impact your health and safety. You’ll be asked to complete a Health Risk Assessment questionnaire that includes questions about factors such as:

  • Medications and immunizations
  • Diet, hobbies, your social support network
  • Dental, eye, and hearing care

After reviewing your health risk assessment, taking vital signs, and doing a brief physical exam, your nurse practitioner will discuss the results with you and any necessary treatment or screening recommendations. Together, you can develop a personalized plan for completing these recommendations and agree on any follow-up visits you may need.

When making an appointment, ask specifically for “Welcome to Medicare” or annual “Medicare Wellness Exam” by name. For more information about the Medicare Wellness Exam, visit medicare.gov.