Client Comments

With a passion for whole-person health and well-being, you can trust that you’ve got an expert partner in your corner. Read some of the nice things our clients say about The Good Clinic experience.

A calm, safe place to receive medical care even for people with medical anxiety. The office is very peaceful and quiet, has tons of natural light, no abrasive fluorescent, and is extremely clean and well stocked. Everyone is kind and knowledgeable. I saw Dr. Drake, and she did an excellent job at hearing all of my concerns and addressing every one of them. I’m getting all of my primary care here from now on!
Gj T.
I have visited this clinic a few times. So far the care has been STELLAR. My nurse has encouraged follow-up, so when I’ve had questions in the weeks after my appointment, they send me a response message of answers within a day or two – and the cost is included in my original appointment. This clinic cares to know my background and lifestyle to truly help me understand how to improve my health rather than just offer a “band-aid” for the current problem. So I’m feeling better (oh, it’s fall allergies!) and also have a clearer understanding of my health than I have received anywhere else. All from friendly, kind, and understanding people. Thank you!
Britt B.
I had an absolutely wonderful experience with The Good Clinic. Nurse Dunow is by far the best healthcare provider I have ever had. He was so kind and took the time to answer all of my questions. When I called a few days after my appointment, I was able to speak directly with him, and again, he took the time to answer all of my follow-up questions and genuinely cared about how I was doing. He’s a gem of a person, and I’m so glad to have found this place!
Erica E.
Don was my practitioner and was top-notch! From intake to checkout, this was one of the best experiences in a clinic I’ve had. Don’s bedside manner and compassion went a long way, and I am so glad I found this gem of a clinic!
Stephanie W.
From the atmosphere to the health approach, The Good Clinic is by far the best clinic I have ever been to! Dr. Kim is so knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and heard. I am ecstatic to have found Dr. Kim, who is respectful, passionate, friendly, and trustworthy. I can’t recommend this office enough!
Holly M.
Great and fast experience. As a black woman, I felt heard and listened to. I had a great time with the receptionist. Definitely going back and everyone should check it out. ALSO clean and modern.
Jillian K.
After seeing doctors for over a year and not getting any answers or even any direction on my health, I decided to visit The Good Clinic

I walked into The Good Clinic and was greeted with a genuine smile. I had my appointment with Dr. Kim, and she took the time to sit down with me, listen to my concerns and address any issues or questions that I had. She shared her knowledge and expertise and made me feel that my health was important not only to myself but also to her. It was an honest feeling of caring, which is so rare.

From the moment I walked into The Good Clinic, I felt welcomed and cared for. Honestly, I’ve been talking about it since because YES … After feeling sick for so long, Dr. Kim found out what was going on with me, and I’m finally on the right track and feeling better. Thank you for all that you do; you’re absolutely amazing not only as a Dr. but also as a person!!
Hillary S.
This place is beautiful! Does not feel like an urgent care clinic at all. Super efficient and everyone was so friendly
Absolutely amazing experience. Received kind and professional help, everything was straightforward and easy, and they made my whole situation much better. Thank you!
First time at The Good Clinic in St. Louis Park this morning and I agree with the other reviews that have been submitted thus far. The Good Clinic is fantastic! Paul, the Certified Nurse Practitioner, and Anne, a new Good Clinic CNP in training, met with me for an hour. I had a Wellness Exam and learned quite a bit about myself. When I got home and explained what I just learned, my wife said she would like to do this too. Paul and Anne are both very knowledgeable, and their clinical experience is phenomenal. They’re excellent listeners and are motivated to use their knowledge and experience to educate and guide clients to better health. In my case, I’m doing quite a bit right, but I got some valuable tips on what I can do to improve and ensure my best health going forward. Can’t say enough good things about my experience. I’d recommend The Good Clinic to anyone!
K. Ping
I just had the most amazing experience here! I’ve got new insurance, just turned 40, and was due for a physical. I’d been seeing the same lackluster doctor for primary care for the last few years and was dreading going back. From my initial phone call and intake with Tina to my incredible visit with Dr. Kim, I can’t say enough good things. The clinic is chic and zen and so far from the sterile intimidating feel of a typical doctor’s office. We spent an hour talking through all my concerns and goals face to face. I felt supported in healthy choices I’ve been making, and never once felt shamed for poor decisions/habits I’ve established. Instead, we approached things with a “one foot in front of the other” mentality, and I feel like I was truly cared for. I’m excited to go back in a month or so for my full Wellness Exam! I highly recommend this place!!
Bradley B.
My experience at The Good Clinic (particularly with Dr. Drake) has been the best healthcare experience I have received anywhere. Dr. Drake (as well as the rest of the staff) is very attentive and thorough, taking the time to get to know you and your body. I have moved all of my primary care needs over to The Good Clinic, and as a result, I have become much more engaged in my personal healthcare and well-being. Thanks, TGC!
Caleb M.
I had a wonderful experience. As someone who gets major anxiety before doctors’ visits, I felt heard and at ease. My concerns about my new chronic illness were addressed, and I was given ideas on how to stay healthy during the pandemic.
Hannah K.
My Wellness Planning appointment with Dr. Kim was the most informative and productive healthcare visit I’ve ever had. It was not the typical 10 min appointment to address a particular or specific concern. It was a comprehensive look at my overall health. We assessed where I am now and set goals together. Dr. Kim is fantastic, and I left feeling optimistic about my health journey. It’s a refreshingly different approach to healthcare.
Jennifer L.
Very welcoming atmosphere. Friendly & understanding staff. Overall a great practice if you are looking for something a little different than your average western medicine hospital.
Darcy Z.
This place is different. Kim and her staff are the healthcare model of the future, where people are treated humanely and sincerely, with helpful tech in a pleasant environment and an approach that achieves results.
Noelle L.
This is the future of healthcare. I recommend all my family and friends here
Tianyi L.
Clean, good location, staff are super friendly and helpful every time I go!
Max J.
Great experience, very knowledgeable and responsive. I Highly recommend this Clinic.
Abraham S.
Hoping to see more of these types of clinics open up in the area. Great service.
Matt W.
Wow, such an amazing experience! We need more clinics like these.
Jeffrey L.
Great care! Efficient, affordable service. Will be back!
Michael K.
Excellent service, affordable, friendly, and very clean.
J. Medina
I have visited this clinic a few times. So far the care has been STELLAR. Nurse Paul has encouraged follow-up, so when I’ve had questions in the weeks after my appointment, he sends me a response message of answers within a day or two – and the cost is included in my original appointment. This clinic cares to know my background and lifestyle to truly help me understand how to improve my health rather than just offer a “band-aid” for the current problem. So I’m feeling better (oh, it’s fall allergies!) and also have a clearer understanding of my health than I have received anywhere else. All from friendly, kind, and understanding people. Thank you!
Britt B.
The Good Clinic is incredible. I can’t believe that a clinic like this exists – if you want professional and knowledgeable care while being respected and treated like a person, not a number then the Good Clinic’s Paul Linson my recommendation. He is amazing as is the staff at the Good Clinic. So grateful my friend recommended them to me I was getting really inconsistent and incorrect care at a larger network provider and felt like that was my only option but it is not!! Good Clinic is truly an answered prayer.
Donna O.
When I first walked into The Good Clinic, I was afraid I had made a mistake in picking a doctor; Essential Oils books were proudly on display, supplements and vitamins lining the shelves, and an overwhelmingly positive, bright atmosphere (not used to this either at a typical doctor visit) awaited me as I stepped into the building. I was excited about the atmosphere part, but the essential oils and vitamins I have been pretty skeptical throughout my life. I was so skeptical that my first question to the nurse at the front desk was, “You guys are real doctors, right?” She laughed and told me that they can prescribe medication if that’s what I’m asking. I can vouch and say that not only are they real doctors, but they are also the doctors I wish I would have had at so many moments in my life before.

My doc at The Good Clinic is Paul Linson and to continue the trend of this place having a different vibe and atmosphere, he told me that at The Good Clinic, their goal is to have a conversation and get to know the patient, not rush them out the door as fast as possible. A bit cheesy I thought, but I was willing to give it a try. Not only did Doctor Linson have a conversation with me, but he was also willing to let me ramble on about my internet “research” and talk through my worries about everything I have been struggling with (long covid). It was something as simple as just listening, but I felt like I was actually being heard. The meetings are a bit longer than a normal doctor visit, but I’m glad they are. It gives me time to actually ask questions and for him to answer. I have been in the office twice now and feel that he actually wants to help me, not just get to the next patient.

They also have a great online portal that they answer quickly throughout the day. I’ve had so many questions (an annoying amount I’m sure) that I’ve messaged Doctor Linson about, and he’s made sure to get back to me and even prescribe without me going back into the office.

As far as the essential oils and supplements, he made a point of not pushing things on me. The point of this Good Clinic is to try and help live a healthier lifestyle without having to always resort to medicating right away. He recommended a few things (vitamin D for the dark days of MN and a multivitamin unless “you are eating a perfect diet [I’m not]) and I’m thankful for the advice.

I feel lucky I stumbled into this place online and would recommend to most people, especially those that want to actually talk about what they think is wrong.
Daniel Y.
Let’s first start off with the fact that I’m not the type of person to write reviews, even though my vocabulary rivals that of a thesaurus.

My husband and I recently switched our care from a traditional Dr. who was only as good as the pen he pressed against a prescription pad. The longest we ever spent in that doctor’s office was along the lines of 15 mins. It was akin to cattle being herded through an assembly line.

The environment at The Good Clinic that Mr. Paul and his staff have created is truly a breath of fresh air and quite honestly, a desperately needed lifeline for our issues. Paul and his staff are kind, compassionate, and attentive to any needs of their patients. Both times we spent over an hour discussing in-depth problems we wanted to address. It’s such an odd feeling not being rushed though, like at any other healthcare office.

The moment you walk in the door of the clinic you feel an aura that puts you at ease. I believe and have no doubts, that moving to The Good Clinic has saved my life and my relationship(s). No price can be put on that feeling. Paul and his staff’s outlook and approach to healthcare are absolutely something wonderful to behold and experience.

After everything that I–and we–have been through, moving our care to Paul has saved our lives. I’m pretty well worded, but I’m left speechless in how I feel about everyone at the clinic. They have genuine concerns for their patients. There are no words to describe my deepest gratitude for how much they care about us— and being as cynical as I usually am, I can say that after only two times meeting in person.

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to work with Paul and his nurses on my and my husband’s health. With their help, I have hope again that we can set ourselves on the right track to living a healthy, prosperous life moving into the future.

My deepest appreciation goes to Paul and company for being there when my husband and I need it the most.
Andy F.
College student here: I stumbled upon The Good Clinic and went to see Paul Linson CNP, and I was blown away by the care I received as well as how attentive he was to all the concerns I voiced during my appointment. The lobby was an incredibly relaxing place on top of it all, I’d recommend it for those who don’t enjoy going to the doctor’s office. Definitely will continue to schedule here, 10/10.
Evan K,
Most people I have known are guilty of avoiding their health, and I have been no different. What started as “I’m not sick; why would I go to the doctor?” morphed into a pathological avoidance of all healthcare.

I felt like doctors weren’t able to see me as a person, only able to see my insurance, my experience with substances, or my personality disorder(s). It’s been hard to feel like it’s worth trying to care for myself because of this, honestly, it’s been impossible.

Over the last year, I’ve had ongoing concerns about my health, and I found myself paralyzed, truly paralyzed by an inability to act preventatively. However, since finding The Good Clinic on a whim, I’m not incapable! I have been totally and entirely thrilled with the way I’ve been treated as a real person. Looking back, my experience has far surpassed my expectations. In fact, my experience has surpassed my frame of reference. I truly didn’t think I could go into a healthcare provider of any sort and not be judged as morally deficient. I stand corrected!

I haven’t felt judged for my background (which if you’re reading this, is probably worse than yours), my choices (also pretty bad), or my problems (which are abnormal in severity and scope, socially stigmatized, and regarded as a moral failure on my part). It has been vitalizing and re-energizing to experience care in this capacity. I’ve only gone a couple of times, and look forward to continuing care now. I, myself, look forward to going to an appointment to get blood drawn. That’s almost as crazy as I am…

The truth is, I’m not a bad person. I deserve good healthcare. I certainly need it more than many people do, and just because I feel things don’t mean they’re true. I felt broken, but the truth is, I made myself broken because I felt it. I made my own fears come true for years and having a good healthcare provider was one of the biggest things I’ve been missing.

I hope this review reaches someone who really needs it – make an appointment here, it might really change your life for the better.

Most healthcare providers don’t want to do anything besides help people, and some of them will even meet people where they’re at.

I deserved to find one, and thank god I did.

I can not recommend Paul Linson / The Good Clinic enough, especially if you struggle to feel seen or heard at the doctor and/or struggle with a stigmatized health condition. The fact that they provide judgement-free, human-feeling healthcare to people like me should be plenty reason for you to go, if you don’t struggle with these things, also. Basically, if you’re looking for primary care, go here. Hell, even if you aren’t, maybe you should!
Will Y.
I had a great experience with Dr. Linson. He listened attentively to my questions and walked me step by step through a plan for tackling a complex medical issue.
Kristin F.
Paul Linson, CNP is a great physician, and I really enjoyed The Good Clinic. Highly recommended!!
Holly M.
Efficient and good care by Nurse Anne and Latira.
Joe A.
The woman at the front desk and Stephanie, who took my medical history and did bloodwork, were so amazing and caring. I was having a stressful time and they were so kind — even when I was feeling upset. Whitney was very knowledgeable and gave advice about both medication and lifestyle changes. I am hopeful I have found my new PCP.
Ellen S.
Found a hidden gem! I almost don’t want to review it to keep it secret. I had a better conversation with the staff here during a simple COVID test than I have for previous doctor appointments at other clinics. I was able to make an appointment for the next day. I was greeted by name when I arrived. Everyone was very helpful and actually seemed to care. I didn’t feel rushed, and I definitely didn’t feel like a number. Follow-up on test results was timely. I was easily able to send messages, and I got fast responses with follow-up questions. I highly recommend The Good Clinic!
Very modern and clean clinic. The staff was friendly and very welcoming. It is located right at the entrance of Elevate apartments in the southwest station complex in Eden Prairie.
Sansank G.
The minute I walked foot into the door I knew this was my new home because of the vibe/beauty of the clinic & people. Jessica is the most amazing new provider I have ever had. She has helped me so much with problems that I have been dealing with and couldn’t thank her enough for being so caring and compassionate. She truly cares and listens to her patients and makes them feel at home which I truly value in someone. I recommend Jessica and The Good Clinic a million times over. Thank you for always making my experience a great one!
Aneta M.
Sarah Tupper was suspiciously good. Maybe a little too good. The entire clinic experience was phenomenal. The Good Clinic has a great medical services model, and the team in place at Vikings Lakes far surpassed my expectations. The Good Clinic will be my primary care provider going forward.
Doug U.
Good Clinic is so new it’s still a “secret place” to be seen quickly and competently by nurse practitioners who offer routine medical services with a caring attitude and a comprehensive, non-rushed approach…that was my experience when I needed a pre-op physical and was seen by NP Sarah…she was extremely knowledgeable, very patient, and easy to connect with… the only thing I saw they could improve on is to have evening hours
Henry S.
This place was fully staffed with kind and knowledgeable people, and it was a totally different experience from other clinics I’ve been to, in the best of ways.
Jessica M.
Jessica Stewart is the best nurse practitioner ever!!!
Taylor S.