St. louis Park medical clinic

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Winner in the Health and Wellness Category: 

Mitesco Inc. (parent company of the Good Clinic) 

Mitesco Inc. (OTC: MITI) operates The Good Clinic, which delivers a new model of primary care by leveraging nurse practitioners to create a personalized wellness plan for each client.

“There’s a lot of services out there like urgent care and telehealth services that are more than happy to jump in and solve an immediate problem,” said CEO Larry Diamond. “But when you don’t have the medical records some portion of the time, you’re not providing the best possible care.” 

The clinics are strategically placed in populated neighborhoods, often on the ground floor of apartment developments, to enhance accessibility. 

Diamond said the company’s whole-patient approach drives better outcomes and reduces the cost of care. 

Throughout the past year, St. Louis Park-based Mitesco focused on proving out the concept of The Good Clinic model, a process that included launching six clinics in the Twin Cities metro, Lawrence said. 

Mitesco now plans on opening 31 clinics by the end of 2023 and 98 by 2026. That expansion includes new clinics in Colorado, Arizona and Florida.