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Minneapolis, MN (July 15, 2022) – On July 14, 2022, Mitesco, Inc. (OTCQB: MITI) was awarded the “Blazer Award” in the health and wellness category of Minne Inno’s 2022 Fire Awards for its creation of The Good Clinic™, Mitesco’s primary care operation. The Blazer winners were selected from 50 Fire Awards finalists by a panel of judges who chose one company from each category that is lighting its industry on fire. Minne Inno is The Business Journal’s news outlet focused on the startup scene in Minnesota.

The 50 finalists were chosen for their contributions to the community, including new funding, social and community impact, company growth, product launches, company pivots, and intentional impact on the ecosystem. Judges selected reader nominations in categories ranging from medical gadgets to fintech. Blazer winners were chosen for their distinctive innovations that benefit their local Minnesota community.

“We are excited by the selection, confirming our concept in many ways,” said Larry Diamond, CEO of Mitesco, Inc. “We are unique as a startup publicly held company, focused on bettering the quality of care, reducing cost, and enhancing consumer convenience in the health and wellness space. At The Good Clinic, we are seeing our mission come to fruition. By increasing convenience, reducing delays in care, and empowering our clients with the tools and support they need to manage their health, we believe we are improving peoples’ lives.”

Created by Mitesco, Inc, The Good Clinic is an innovative primary care concept in which clinics staffed by experienced and knowledgeable nurse practitioners focus on whole-person care. The clinics are close to where people live and offer same-day/next-day in-person and virtual visits. The Good Clinic providers take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and adjust the care intervention, education, and coaching to the client’s knowledge, skills, and confidence. The result is that each client becomes a partner and leader in their care process.

These unique features have contributed to The Good Clinic’s ability to rapidly expand the company here in Minnesota from one to six clinics in fewer than 12 months.

“Our growth is possible due to the overwhelmingly positive response from our clients,” said Diamond. “Minnesotans appreciate the care approach we deliver at The Good Clinic. You are welcome to stop by.”


About The Good Clinic™

A wholly owned subsidiary of Mitesco, Inc. (www.mitescoinc.com), The Good Clinic, LLC is a tech-forward, whole-person primary care practice that co-partners with clients ages 12 and older. Staffed by experienced nurse practitioners focused on preventive care, The Good Clinic™ offers clients routine medical care, chronic condition management, acute care, and wellness care services with both in-person and virtual care options. Founded in 2020 and operating six Minnesota clinics with plans to expand nationwide, the executive team includes the key clinical and operational professionals who brought MinuteClinic to scale. Learn more at thegoodclinic.com.

About Mitesco Inc.

Mitesco is building a next-generation healthcare solution, providing healthcare services and technology to make healthcare more accessible, higher quality, and more affordable. The Mitesco team has extensive experience in building successful growth situations within the healthcare industry, using both organic and acquisition growth strategies. Mitesco embraces that when consumers’ expectations are exceeded the business performance does so as well. Mitesco operations and subsidiaries include The Good Clinic, LLC (“The Good Clinic”). The Good Clinic (www.thegoodclinic.com) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitesco N.A. LLC, the holding company for North American operations. Learn more at mitescoinc.com and twitter.com/mitescoinc.


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