The following is an article that appeared in Eden Prairie Local News on June 23, 2021.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, June 09, 2021– According to a press release, Mitesco, Inc. (OTCQB: MITI), an operator of wellness clinics combining technology and customized personal care plans, has signed a lease for its third The Good Clinic™ location located at Elevate at the Southwest Station.

Michael Howe, The Good Clinic CEO, said, “Our third The Good Clinic™ site is to be located in an ideal residential community. The Good Clinic™ focuses on providing primary care, preventive care, behavioral wellness, chronic disease management, immunizations, and other health services,” according to the press release. Howe cited the Eden Prairie location’s “dense population and the community amenities, all within a short walk of our clinic, serve as the ideal surrounding for our stores and services.” The press release went on to say Howe “believe(s) our ‘whole-person wellness approach to healthcare will be embraced quickly by local residents.”

The Company’s expansion plans for the Minneapolis marketplace include four (4) additional locations. Its flagship site, which opened in February 2021, is located at the Nordhaus development in downtown Minneapolis. The company’s second location is set to be built in St. Louis Park, MN.

“We have received a warm reception from the people of Minneapolis with our initial location and are excited about our buildout strategy for the Minneapolis metropolitan area,” Howe stated. “We have mapped out a strategic plan for the area, and following the new Eden Prairie location, intend to open two additional sites in the Minneapolis suburbs and a St. Paul location, for a total of six locations,” explained Howe in the press release.

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