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XactMed4U ™ offers precision medicine technology to determine the effectiveness of medication through pharmacogenomics.

MINNEAPOLIS (September 08, 2022) – The Good Clinic™ is deepening its service offerings to include pharmacogenomic testing through Xact Laboratories, an Ohio-based biotechnology company focused on providing state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic tests. The product, XactMed4UTM, can help clinicians understand how certain medications may work best for individual patients based on their unique genetics, resulting in better patient outcomes and potentially reduced costs. In alignment with the mission of providing accessible and customized health care, all The Good Clinic locations will offer the service.

Pharmacogenomics identifies how each client’s unique genetic makeup could impact their drug response. Pharmacogenetics testing may arm healthcare providers with information about which medications are likely to be beneficial or not and the most effective dosages to manage their conditions.

Studies have shown that 38-75 percent of patients show no response to initial drug treatment, and drugs are only therapeutically effective in 20-60 percent of patients. Through the pharmacogenetics testing services with Xact Laboratories, The Good Clinic will have the ability to provide more accurate diagnostics and treatments for clients with behavioral health conditions.

“Pharmacogenomics is a leading-edge technology in the healthcare industry,” said The Good Clinic Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer Kevin Lee Smith. “This testing tells us what will work for the client so we can help people feel better sooner without spending a great deal of time and money trying to find the right drug.”

Founded in 2020, The Good Clinic is currently located in Minnesota and expanding nationwide, with nurse practitioners operating as the primary onsite healthcare provider. To book an appointment, visit www.thegoodclinic.com.


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The Good Clinic, LLC is a tech-forward, whole-person primary care practice that co-partners clients ages 12 and older. Staffed by experienced nurse practitioners focused on preventive care, The Good Clinic™ offers clients routine medical care, chronic condition management, acute care, and wellness planning services with both in-person and virtual care options. Founded in 2020 and operating six Minnesota clinics with plans to expand nationwide, the executive team includes the key clinical and operational professionals who brought MinuteClinic to scale. The Good Clinic, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitesco, Inc.

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Mitesco is building a next-generation healthcare solution, providing healthcare services and technology to make healthcare more accessible, higher quality, and more affordable. The Mitesco team has extensive experience in building successful growth situations within the healthcare industry, using both organic and acquisition growth strategies. Mitesco embraces that when consumers’ expectations are exceeded the business performance does so as well. Mitesco operations and subsidiaries include The Good Clinic, LLC (“The Good Clinic”). The Good Clinic (www.thegoodclinic.com) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitesco N.A. LLC, the holding company for North American operations. Learn more at mitescoinc.com and twitter.com/mitescoinc.

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