Biometrics is a way to identify people by analyzing their unique physical or behavioral characteristics. These can include fingerprints, eyes, voice patterns, or the way someone completes an online puzzle.

Biometric technology is used for a wide variety of purposes. Companies across the globe use biometrics to help their security processes. For example, Disney’s fingerprint scanners confirm customer purchases and park access. American Airlines’ facial recognition tools verify the identity of passengers getting on the plane. In addition, government agencies use biometry to enforce federal laws.

Biometric technology has also found a home in the healthcare industry, and you can benefit from it today. At The Good Clinic, one of our main wellness planning tools is a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) that helps our staff develop your custom wellness plan.

What is an InBody scan, and how does it work?

The Good Clinic’s BIA tool is called an InBody Composition Analyzer. We use it to get a detailed snapshot of your body composition. Using electrodes, the InBody sends safe, painless electrical currents through the water in the body. This measures body fat, total body water, and fat-free mass — the part of the body that has no fat, such as muscle and bone.

Should I get an InBody scan?

The scan takes about 45 seconds and gives us information specific to your body. Unlike typical body mass index indicators, the InBody pinpoints how water mass, lean muscle and skeletal mass, and fat mass are distributed throughout your body.

Using this data, The Good Clinic staff will work with you to create a wellness plan that helps you meet your unique health goals. Whether you want to improve your sleep, maintain a healthy weight, relieve your pain, or improve your daily nutrition and energy levels, we are ready to support you with our expertise and tools like InBody.

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